What do I absolutely want to accomplish?

read orgo ch 1 + notes

FCI GL meeting w Dr. Beltsos, Brett, and Dr. Zubair

update RIF

the orientation writer survey 

work out

fold and put away ALL laundry

clean room

forward that email

visit Marci with paperwork

deposit at Citi

get a written response about the promotion from javier

take priya to harper

What do I have upcoming?

fin aid checklist; call ‘em

take an MCAT, cold

send Taiji a “thank you” card 

revise for the MATH 220 self-placement DO THIS TODAY

take the MATH 220 self-placement DO THIS TODAY

What can I put on hold?

revising for the MATH 224 self-placement

learning multivariable calculus

Why is it imperative to do this?

So I can get an A in ORGO.

So I can shave off what I rounded into during summer and get hot for college.

To earn money.

To get a move on college stuff so I can have 10 days-2 weeks for myself.

What can I do for myself when done?


Go shopping

Dorm dec

Apply for work-study

Apply for research

There are two reasons why people don’t talk about things; either it doesn’t mean anything to them, or it means everything

Luna Adriana (via suspend)